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Top Ten Reasons to eat Banana – A magical fruit

Banana is a magical fruit. Loaded with Magnesium, Potassium and fibre, they provide multiple health benefits.

Right from solving depression, insomnia problems to losing weight; Let’s us have a look on top 10 reasons to eat Bananas.

  1. Eat bananas right after waking up; preferably within 15 minutes. Bananas are rich in Tryptophan (an amino acid) and Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine); which helps in elevating mood.
  2. Bananas can fight insomnia. Boil bananas in water for 15mins and strain it; add cinnamon to it and drink one hour before sleeping. This definitely will help you sleep better. The Vitamin B6 helps in releasing serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps you relax and sleep better.
  3. During stress or before an important meeting ahead, eat a banana instead of drinking tea, it will calm you down.
  4. Bananas are very high in fibres; hence it regulates your bowel movement.
  5. Bananas when eaten in morning; helps you reduce weight. This is because the body requires sugar and carbohydrates when we wake up and bananas provide the right amount of carbs to the body; hence it doesn’t allow carbs to get converted to fat.
  6. They contain resistant starch and helps in digestion improvement. Bananas are also a good source of prebiotic fibre; which is a good feed for human gut bacteria; thereby improving digestion and helping in fat oxidation.
  7. When bananas are eaten in evening; they can also help in weight gain. Potassium is needed for proper muscle build-up/working; hence advisable to the body-builders to consume a banana/banana shake; right after exercising. It provides the body with adequate amount of carbs and potassium.
  8. A lot of women (mostly pregnant) suffer from muscle cramp in the night (calf muscle of the leg). This is due to the deficiency of potassium in the body, which can be supplied through banana.
  9. Bananas counteracts with the calcium loss during urination.
  10. High levels of potassium and low level of salt in bananas is beneficial for high BP patients to lower the risk of heart attack and stroke.

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“Bananas can also form a wonderful face mask when mixed with little quantity of honey and applied for 10 mins. It removes the dead skin allowing the skin to shine.”

Hope this helps you. Please do let me know the benefits received after trying this out.

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