Diwali is around the corner. A textbook definition of Diwali which everyone recalls is Festival of Lights. However, Diwali is also an occasion when we meet family and friends, exchange gifts, dry fruits & sweets; during this week long festivities, few of us also donate to the needy and make sweets at home (off course only if you have time and energy after travelling from Point A to Point B in two hours) But one thing which will definitely change is that, Your Routine;

Work load and office have made us ambitious but also leaves us stressed everyday. Have you become dull/fat/lazy off late? If your answer is yes, then this post is surely for you! Always Blaming office/work life balance is not going to help. And yes, even the fit people around you are also married. So, don't hide yourself behind lame excuses.

Accept it, our lifestyle is a mess!!! Convert your Stress to Success by following these simple tips.

What is Bad Mood? Is it related to our food habits?

Being Confused, Frustrated, Irritated, and without a reason...???
Are you frequently attacked by any of these ?
  1. Unable to get up from bed even after a good night sleep
  2. Craving for some chocolates & pastries
  3. Reactive/Over reactive mood.
And, then the moment mom asks, “Kya hua”, you blame her, yell at her for the entire bad mood? It’s time for you to wake up & realize it is not your mom but your body is craving for vitamins and minerals.