Few days back, a friend dropped a message.

“Hi, did you ever had a chance to dig more on Green Coffee beans? Is it good as compared to Green Tea?”
I usually stay away from grassy things (after I tasted wheat grass juice) but this question left me craving for an answer.  So I started reading on this topic. Most of us are in constant search of a magical potion that will rapidly boost our metabolism & get us 6-pack ready in no time, but believe me there isn’t any. There is no magic food which will bring an overnight change in you. Change comes with a lot of hard work and dedication in our routine, whether it is exercise or right choice of food. However, there are some foods that can help improve our health definitely. These are called super foods. They will make it easier to achieve the desired results faster. Two such super foods are: GREEN TEA & GREEN COFFEE

So, you have finally decided to take that Gym membership, you have also enrolled yourself for the morning Yoga classes, how about doing Zumba every 3 days.

Is this your solution for weight loss & fitness?

The food that you eat accounts majorly for your fitness while workouts for the rest. It has been rightly said that “Abs are developed in the Kitchen & not in Gym”. Fat thighs, protruding stomachs, flabby arms is what everyone wants to get rid of.

Do you also wish to look fab?

If you are ignoring your nutrients in the diet, eating unhealthy & starving yourself assuming that it will keep you fit & fab, then you are mistaken right from the start.

Diwali is around the corner. A textbook definition of Diwali which everyone recalls is Festival of Lights. However, Diwali is also an occasion when we meet family and friends, exchange gifts, dry fruits & sweets; during this week long festivities, few of us also donate to the needy and make sweets at home (off course only if you have time and energy after travelling from Point A to Point B in two hours) But one thing which will definitely change is that, Your Routine;

Work load and office have made us ambitious but also leaves us stressed everyday. Have you become dull/fat/lazy off late? If your answer is yes, then this post is surely for you! Always Blaming office/work life balance is not going to help. And yes, even the fit people around you are also married. So, don't hide yourself behind lame excuses.

Accept it, our lifestyle is a mess!!! Convert your Stress to Success by following these simple tips.

What is Bad Mood? Is it related to our food habits?

Being Confused, Frustrated, Irritated, and without a reason...???
Are you frequently attacked by any of these ?
  1. Unable to get up from bed even after a good night sleep
  2. Craving for some chocolates & pastries
  3. Reactive/Over reactive mood.
And, then the moment mom asks, “Kya hua”, you blame her, yell at her for the entire bad mood? It’s time for you to wake up & realize it is not your mom but your body is craving for vitamins and minerals.