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  • Few days back, a friend dropped a message. “Hi, did you ever had a chance to dig more on Green Coffee beans? Is it good as compared to Green Tea?” I usually stay away from grassy things (after I tasted wheat grass juice) but this question left
  • So, you have finally decided to take that Gym membership, you have also enrolled yourself for the morning Yoga classes, how about doing Zumba every 3 days. Is this your solution for
  • Are you feeling ignored all of a sudden with the onset of summer? All those “one-to-one” conversations quickly winded up?? It is time that you need to alarm yourself of your own body
  • Diwali is around the corner. A textbook definition of Diwali which everyone recalls is Festival of Lights. However, Diwali is also an occasion when we meet family and friends, exchange
  • Work load and office have made us ambitious but also leaves us stressed everyday. Have you become dull/fat/lazy off late? If your answer is yes, then this post is surely for you! Always
  • What is Bad Mood? Is it related to our food habits? Being Confused, Frustrated, Irritated, and without a reason…??? Are you frequently attacked by any of these ? Unable to get up
  • Kesaria Lassi from bikanervala I was there to buy some sweets for a function from Bikanervala, when I saw this nice cold Kulhad filled with Kesaria Lassi at their shelf. It immediately
  •   Have you tried the new #amul #dark #passion? These are Dark #chocolate #wafer #bar. INR 200 for 300 gms. Stand for #indulgence #awesome #bitter #crunchy #bite #d90 #studio
  • There are so many instant noodle brands in market today that deciding which one to pick becomes difficult. So we tried today #knorr #soupy #noodles #mastmasala. And then we did some
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