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Is your Food responsible for your Body Odor?

Are you feeling ignored all of a sudden with the onset of summer? All those “one-to-one” conversations quickly winded up??

It is time that you need to alarm yourself of your own body odor; does that frightens you? Smell your own clothes at the end of the day, perhaps you will find the problem under lying there!

Body odors- a very common issue; faced by 1 out every 4 people is not easy to tackle! Deos & anti perspirants are not always a solution….I suggest you should look at your food habits too!

You may not be able sense your own body odor but it is offending people around you. Taking showers with anti-bacterial soaps, applying deos, changing clothes often are some oblivious solution to this issue of body odor.

Can Food Habits cause off body odors?

Every human body has their own body odor & everybody is different; the sweat secreting gland-apocrine gland is highly active in some & dormant in others; that is why few sweat excessively, while others don’t! Everybody smells different & you need to analyze your food habits to get rid of this problem permanently. Although there are many quick & short term solutions available but that is not going to help you!

Why does sweat smell?

The sweat is odorless; secreted by apocrine glands on various places like armpits, forehead, palms & sole. The sweat secreted by these glands are acted upon the bacteria on the skin producing off odors…Sweating is a mechanism by which the body regulates it temperature & eliminate toxins.

Take care that bacteria doesn’t breed where these glands are actively present- it is important that you should keep your armpits clean, else the bacteria breed in the hair causing off odors!

Five foods to avoid for reducing body odors

1.Avoid eating too alkaline food:

Bacteria germinate at a higher pH – so always maintain a low pH in your arm pits; avoid eating foods that are alkaline like cabbage! You can also try rubbing a lemon on your arm pit; it will reduce the pH & hence refrain the cultivation of the bacteria.

2. Avoid eating too much Sugar:

If you are excessively eating sugar, then yeast may grow instead of the bacteria & produce unpleasant odors!

3. Avoid eating loads of aroma foods:

If you are eating lots of onions, garlic, hot peppers then you are likely to produce unpleasant odor & you will smell bad. The aromatic compound of these foods gets eliminated out of the body via sweat.

4. Avoid caffeinated drinks: 

These drinks will make you sweat more. Drinking hot coffee activates the sweat glands on your face as the body temperature rises, thus you sweat to regulate the body temperature.

5. Avoid alcohol: 

I know it’s tough, but the body needs to break down the alcohol you just consumed with help of an enzyme & when there is shortage of this enzyme, body flushes out alcohol through puke or sweat….Control your addiction!


This should help as One Point Solution: 

Have green tea twice a day; it contains polyphenol compounds that reduces the smell in the sweat!

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