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WHAT’S IN YOUR CUP?  Green Tea vs. Green Coffee

Few days back, a friend dropped a message.

“Hi, did you ever had a chance to dig more on Green Coffee beans? Is it good as compared to Green Tea?”

I usually stay away from grassy things (after I tasted wheat grass juice) but this question left me craving for an answer.  So I started reading on this topic.

Most of us are in constant search of a magical potion that will rapidly boost our metabolism & get us 6-pack ready in no time, but believe me there isn’t any. There is no magic food which will bring an overnight change in you. Change comes with a lot of hard work and dedication in our routine, whether it is exercise or right choice of food.

However, there are some foods that can help improve our health definitely. These are called super foods. They will make it easier to achieve the desired results faster.

Two such super foods are: GREEN TEA & GREEN COFFEE

Why Green?

Green Tea or Green Coffee are unroasted foods that have high amounts of antioxidants & chlorogenic acid which help in rapid weight loss.

Their active ingredients work better & faster in the body when it is infused in hot water. The complimentary milk which is added to tea for taste minimizes the positive effects of the green tea extract or coffee beans.

So, always remember to have them in hot water without milk.

Green Tea

Green Tea extract (GTE) are from the plant “Camellia sinesis” which is non-fermented but only oxidized & steamed which improves the polyphenol content of the green tea. The polyphenols prevents inflammation in the body. The catechin & antioxidants promote fat loss & thermogenesis along with preventing anti-ageing by fighting against free radicals.

GTE also promotes in burning calories faster while working out or taking rest because of its catechin-caffiene combination.

(Damn the technicality, Just remember, it’s good for you)

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Green Coffee

Green Coffee is raw, unroasted coffee beans that promote metabolism owing to its high content of chlorogenic acid. Green coffee promotes weight loss as it increases the activity of a gene PPRR-α which is responsible for fatty acid oxidation & metabolism. (ahh…!!! that too technical again, I guess)

Green coffee is also beneficial in reducing the glucose absorption & thus decreases the accumulation of fat in the body.

“Green coffee is known to absorb fat from the liver”

Which one to go for?

Both green tea & green coffee promotes rapid weight loss & calorie burn when consumed without milk. It is beneficial to consume at least 2-3 cups of green tea/green coffee to get sufficient amount of the actives like catechins/polyphenols/chlorogenic acid which in turn promote weight loss.

However, green coffee promotes weight loss faster than green tea and on the other hand green tea improves the skin glow & prevents ageing by scavenging the free radicals in the body! So, both have their merits.

You can balance & consume both the beverages in hot water by infusing them.

That’s my two cents.

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