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Abs are developed in kitchen & not in Gym

So, you have finally decided to take that Gym membership, you have also enrolled yourself for the morning Yoga classes, how about doing Zumba every 3 days.

Is this your solution for weight loss & fitness?

The food that you eat accounts majorly for your fitness while workouts for the rest. It has been rightly said that “Abs are developed in the Kitchen & not in Gym”.

Fat thighs, protruding stomachs, flabby arms is what everyone wants to get rid of.

Do you also wish to look fab?

If you are ignoring your nutrients in the diet, eating unhealthy & starving yourself assuming that it will keep you fit & fab, then you are mistaken right from the start.

Follow these amazing three beneficial principles & become fab from fat:

Principle 1 – Eat every 2 hours:












Get away with the habit of eating large meals & start indulging every 2 hours. Having small meals boost your metabolism while large meals stresses your digestive system. Start with your breakfast within 2 hours of getting up. The digestive capabilities are the highest in the morning & you need to utilize it. You can then have salads, yogurts, nuts or cheese slices in between. End with light dinner 2 hours before you hit the bed.

Principle 2 – No Fat rich foods after evening:












The body is winding up its digestive system & getting into the relaxing mode. Loading your digestive system with fat rich foods, ice creams, cakes, desserts are only going to increase the fat in your adipose tissue. Restrict that. It is also one of the reasons why you do not get sound sleep. There are many celebrities who avoid late night parties for this very reason.

Principle 3 – Eat Local & Seasonal:













Foods that are local & seasonal promotes good health & well being. The foods that you have been eating since childhood are easy to digest & assimilate than new food stuffs especially that junk food. Eat mangoes & the phalsa berries in summers & enjoy the Sarso in winters.


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Note: Above mentioned principles are only for guidance and are my personal opinion. I lost some unwanted weight following them. Please consult a Nutritionist to start your daily plan.









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