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5 tips for Healthy Snacking at work

Work load and office have made us ambitious but also leaves us stressed everyday.

Have you become dull/fat/lazy off late? If your answer is yes, then this post is surely for you!

Always Blaming office/work life balance is not going to help. And yes, even the fit people around you are also married. So, don’t hide yourself behind lame excuses.

Accept it, our lifestyle is a mess!!! Convert your Stress to Success by following these simple tips.


This is definitely your first step today.

If you have been thinking to start something for yourself then the time starts NOW.

Focus first on your food habits if you don’t have time to exercise. Your entire body functioning depends on them.

What to do?

Start with eating every 2 hours, as it helps in better nutrient absorption and doesn’t lead to fat accumulation and stomach upset.

Try it…!!! Its works…!!!


5 Tips for Healthy Snacking at work


Got a water/tea vending machine in office? Cool! Walk over to it, pour a cup of hot water and grab green tea. You can easily buy Organic India Tulsi Green Tea bag from Amazon, if your office doesn’t provide the same. If they do, then improve your CTC by consuming it. HR guys are paying for them anyways.

Why: Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants, which cleans your body toxins; and drinking in morning helps in weight reduction. It also helps to reduce your stress levels.


Roasted Peanuts; Buy a pack and keep it with you always. Haldiram Classic Salted Peanuts are the best. Have a handful or more of it; two hours after your breakfast.

Why: They are a good sources of protein and magnesium. They will address your food craving before lunch.


Ready to drink Chaas from Amul, the Masti Spiced Butter Milk or The Tadka chaas from Mother Dairy or a shot of Yakult or even Nestlé Curd (avoid topping with sugar/salt; Use jeera/pepper instead) can be had after 2 hours of lunch. Have it as a different meal.

Why: Dairy products are rich in Calcium and Vitamin B12; and it is necessary to      have them in adequate amount so that it counteracts for the losses during the day. And it is especially helpful if you are menstruating. You can regain your lost energy.


A Britannia cheese slice in the evening just before leaving office is a great option.

Why: It supplies you enough proteins, calcium and Vitamin B12 thus improving your health.


Finally, put an alarm for all your meals and water intake. Don’t panic yet, you still have time.

Why: Health is Wealth baby


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