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Kesaria Lassi from Bikanervala

Kesaria Lassi from bikanervala

I was there to buy some sweets for a function from Bikanervala, when I saw this nice cold Kulhad filled with Kesaria Lassi at their shelf. It immediately got my attention & I got it packed and brought home (along with their wonderful Puri sabzi).

This reminded me of my college days spent at RTS (Ravinder Tea Stall) at Model town Rohtak during my graduation days. The big steel glass at RTS was a rather indulgent treat. After a tiring day in college, this used to be the most famous hangout for us and it was accompanied by wonderful parathas, white home butter and friends.

Product Review – Kesaria Lassi

Coming back to the Kesaria Lassi, while unpacking there was small spoon inside but no straw. Later I realized, they should have packed a long ice cream spoon which would have helped relished this complete glass. The mouthfeel of this lassi was wonderful, with good kesar topnote and richness of fat. It was think in consistency and flow.

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Overall, I think it was value for money considering other options available in market.

Worth a food trend to follow.



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